Bridal party hair and makeup

Flower Girl Make-Up & Hair

Of the many things to prepare for your wedding day, make-up is high on the list of things to do. Let us help you tick off this high-priority item as we collaborate with you to achieve the ultimate make-up for the occasion. We offer a comprehensive bridal make-up service where we groom and do flower girl make-up & hair.

Experience Professional and Personalised Service With Us 

When choosing the right dressmaker or caterer, you’d most probably check their portfolio of previous works and look up reviews, all while considering your budget. Here are some things to remember when planning wedding hair and makeup:

  • Your identity. When you look back at your wedding photos, you want to see the best version of yourself and not be unable to recognise yourself because your make-up was just a copy and paste from ‘Wedding & Bride.’ So as an important starting point to choosing your make-up, consider your personality and what aesthetic you value most.
  • Your decor. Choosing the right make-up also means harmonising your look with your wedding’s theme. You wouldn’t, for example, wear glam make-up to a rustic wedding. Remember to coordinate your look with your partner with our groom hair styling service.
  • Venue. Considering whether your wedding will be in- or outdoors is also information you should share with your make-up artist, so they use the right product to last regardless of the environmental conditions.
  • Flexibility. Are you going all out on your big day, where you’ll have different looks for the ceremony and the reception? If so, it may not just be a question of touching up your make-up between the two sessions but adjusting your look so that it’s streamlined with a different gown.

Have One Less Thing to Worry About on Your Big Day With Our Make Up Service

Besides our quality products and experienced touch, here’s what else you can expect from us:

  • Attentive service. We like to get to know our clients first to effectively collaborate in coming up with make-up that accurately expresses their identity. 
  • Safe space. We pride ourselves in being inclusive and serving a range of clients of any age, gender, and race as part of our aim for an intricately beautiful tapestry of past works.   
  • Innovation. We can do any style of make-up, from nude to HD, but what drives us is how the concept of beauty is constantly evolving and how we’re a part of that process. We stay inspired by pushing the boundaries because it’s in the spirit of open-mindedness that make-up artistry reaches new heights.

Awards Galore 

We’ve internationally published and were the 2020 MAGAP finalists for ‘Creative Makeup Artist Of The Year’ and ‘Beauty Makeup Artist Of The Year’. So, whether you’re looking for flower girl make-up & hair or male grooming, we do it with prowess.

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