Face, Body, and Pregnancy Belly Art

We offer face and body painting for photoshoots, maternity and pregnancy belly or bump painting, Halloween and even children’s parties. Sara holds a current working with children’s check and is fully insured. Sara has worked for external companies such as Wave 96.5 FM, The Real Santa and Kids Pamper Parties with her face and body painting work. We service the Wollondilly, Southern Highlands, Macarthur, Wollongong and South Coast, Kangaroo Valley, Liverpool, Penrith and Lower Blue Mountains areas. Sara will travel anywhere you need her, for a small travel fee.

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What You Can Expect From Our Face and Body Painting

At Liliano Artistry, we offer special event face and body painting, including unique maternity and pregnancy belly or bump painting. We hold an up to date Working With Children Check and have full insurance coverage. We do your body and face art and painting for any occasion, including weddings, parties, and other events.

What You Should Know About Professional Body Painting

Skull Make Up On Man
Skull makeup

With your body and professional face painting, you can express yourself by becoming the artwork. We see body art at special events such as children’s parties, markets, and carnival events, and it’s highly entertaining for both the wearers and spectators. So, how much do you know about body painting? Here are a few quick facts:

  • Body painting isn’t body specific. Because every body shape is different, it doesn’t matter what your body shape is, what you weigh, how old you are, what race you belong to or what sex you are. Body art is inclusive to all bodies, and you can be proud of the beautiful work of art your body already is.
  • You can include face and body painting at any event; it doesn’t necessarily have to be private or public events. Body painting can be the perfect marketing tool. We see it in music videos, artist exhibitions, fashion shows, and festivals. Why not use it to your advantage and have your models wear your creations? On the other hand, using body paint for your private events such as children’s and hen parties is the perfect way to boost fun and laughter.
  • Complete body painting can take anywhere from four to 12 hours. The length of time our artist spends on your full body painting depends on your chosen concept. We understand that you want the most beautiful design, which is why our artist pays attention to all the finer details, turning you into a work of art.

In addition to face and body painting, we have maternity painting. This form of body art is a magnificent way to celebrate your pregnancy or you can use it to your advantage for Halloween and win the best costume prize.

How Much Do You Know About Maternity Belly Painting?

Whenever there’s an expecting mother, there’s usually a gaggle of women that “ooh” and “aah” over her beautiful round belly. Since the baby bump already attracts so much attention, why not decorate it with a gorgeous painting? The art designs vary from mum to mum, and it can be something you like, or it can be a story of your experience. You could also create a painting diary, where we paint something different on your belly every month, showing the remarkable growth.

What Else You Should Know About Pregnancy Painting

Thing 2 Maternity Belly Painting
  • This type of body painting creates perfect memories; you can use it as a way to reveal the baby’s gender or name. We can also add a photography session to capture the special moment at an extra cost with an external photographer.
  • The best time to go for your maternity belly painting is between six weeks and eight months. This way, you have a perfectly round belly for all your images.
  • Our pregnancy painting is perfectly safe for you and the baby. We use non-toxic children’s face and body paints and ensure all materials are consistently clean and sanitary with each client.

Why Choose Us?

At Liliano Artistry, we have a passion for making you feel and look beautiful, whether as a bride, a bridesmaid, a Halloween character, or a drag queen. We strive to make your inner creative dreams come true by using you as the canvas.

Our artist excels at advancing her skills, and we welcome your unique designs. We are available for all your private events, magazine submissions, portfolio work, and corporate photoshoots. We also offer group and one-on-one lessons and gift vouchers which make the perfect present for anniversaries and birthdays.

Feel free to contact us for any additional queries, or you can book your consultation with our artist and discuss your first design.