Special Effects Makeup Artist

A Special Effects Makeup Artist With an Extensive Portfolio

The art of special effects is not for everyone, and you most certainly need creative, artistic skills to work with liquid latex and wax and sculpt a face, wounds, or blood to make them look real. The best special effects makeup artist will have proof of skill in the form of an excellent portfolio, as you can’t really “study” a degree in it. Graduating from makeup school is a start if you wish to become an artist like our Sara, who has won awards for her special effects makeup.

We offer SPFX (Special effects) makeup for film, Halloween and fancy dress parties and photoshoots. Think cuts, burns, bruising, bullet wounds, aging, prosthetics, wig, and beard application. Sara has been head makeup artist on a range of short films which have required her SPFX expertise.
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When Will You Need Special Effects Makeup

Special Effects on humans as a more extreme form of makeup is mainly used in the entertainment industry and specifically in films to create creatures or wounds that look real and portray well on camera. We also do special effects for the following:

  • Events and photoshoots. Maybe you have always wanted to be transformed into a zombie, or you have a fantasy of becoming a specific character. We can create special effects for a themed event or for a photoshoot you want to do.
  • Halloween. Of course, Halloween is a busy time for us as dress-up parties, trick or treating, and many ceremonial events take place then. So, make sure you are the best zombie at the party with our help and reserve your session in time.
  • Hair. Part of what we do includes beard and wig application as it forms part of your character. If you are putting on a play at school, work, or theatre, we can make you look the part ‘to a tee’.

We are privileged to do what we enjoy, and at the same time, we make it fun transforming you into something else for a day.

What We Use for Special FX Makeup

You may have seen all the terrific monsters, aliens and gashes we have created, but here is how we make them. Except for our creativity, we do have a few products and tools that we rely on to make it happen:

  • Liquid latex. We use products that are safe to use on your skin. Liquid latex is our product of creation. It is liquid that sets into the shape it is sculpted in and makes for a smooth surface to paint on.
  • Waxes or silicone. We use wax or silicone to create features such as a nose, scars or boils and such. It makes it easy to alter added physical elements into a shape you want.
  • Prosthetics. Bullet or wound prosthetics is part of our kit, along with fake blood to finish the SPFX makeup.

Experience and knowing how to use the products and tools are what you need in an excellent professional special effects makeup artist.

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