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Feel Fabulous With the Latest Makeup Trends 

Enhance your natural beauty and have some fun by trying out some of the makeup trends from the 2023 red carpet season. You don’t have to be part of the rich and famous just to experiment with what’s in vogue and step out to your next get-together looking and feeling current and confident.

Embrace Your Inner Star With Up-To-the-Minute Makeup 

Whether you want to put more effort into looking your best at the office or need makeup for a special occasion, we’ve put together some fashion-forward styles straight from the red carpet:

  • Back to basics. Start your makeup look with a clean palette and sculpt the face with a highlighter instead of contouring. You can do this by applying gold sheen to your temples, on your cheekbones, and onto the bridge of the nose to give you a fresh, bronze glow
  • Shimmer and shine. Eye trends seem to be around metallic, inspired by new AI where you can transport your look into the future with a touch of glitter on your lids. Using eyeliner to elongate the eyes combined with statement brows is another trend we see at exclusive events. To make sure that such detailed makeup lasts, we use high-technology eyeliners that don’t smudge.
  • Don’t make me blush. For accentuating the cheeks, blush is also back but in more innovative forms, such as blendable creams that also ensure that your makeup doesn’t run. 
  • Definition rules. Lip trends instead feature bold colours such as crisp scarlet and crimson combined with a muted face with natural brows and lashes. A resurgence of the90s aesthetic of darker lipliners has also recently made it to the spotlight. 

Face embellishments. Turn up the glam by experimenting with rhinestones and pearls that you can use not just on the eyes but also on the rest of your face. Regardless of your preference, you’ll find it best to use hypoallergenic self-adhesive rather than lash glue.

Makeup Artistry With Its Finger on the Pulse 

Our makeup artist offers the convenience of a mobile service. So, you can look forward to transforming your look from the comfort of your own space. Besides trained and qualified services, here’s what else is part of your experience with us:

  • We also do hair. Besides keeping you looking polished with your regular haircut and colour, we’re also passionate about providing out-of-the-box service. For example, perhaps you want to do a photoshoot with a look inspired by a picture. We’re here to make it happen, whether it’s a ‘90s theme that features rows of hairpins or a cutting-edge look that requires hair sculpting.
  • Related services. Whether you’re going for an elegant updo or a flowy, bohemian style, we’re also skilled and experienced in bridal makeup and hair. So, let’s collaborate to create a look that accentuates your natural beauty.
  • Inclusive. We cater to people from different backgrounds who express themselves in diverse ways. Let’s create a drag look for you, for example, with over-the-top makeup to complement your flamboyant personality and equally dazzling costume.

Liliano Artistry: Since 2018

Because of how we stay abreast of hair and makeup trends, we have a track record of customers whose expectations we’ve exceeded.

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