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Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Hair and Bridal Makeup

Bridal makeup trends come and go, but today there seems to be more choice than ever, thanks to Pinterest and Instagram. Scrolling through so many beautiful looks can make choosing a favourite challenging – where do you start? We think the best way to find your style is by asking yourself eight simple questions.

How To Choose a Hairstyle for Your Wedding 

Ask yourself these four questions to help you choose the perfect wedding hairstyle:

Veil or no veil?

Your hairstyle should work with your wedding veil if you’re planning to wear one. You can wear a veil above or below an updo or at the crown of your head if you’re wearing your hair down. Remember to consider the veil’s placement when choosing your wedding hairstyle.

What’s your hair texture?

Find photos of brides with a hair texture similar to yours to get a realistic idea of how a style will look on your hair. You can always get extensions if your hair is too fine or short for your favourite look!

Will there be a lot of dancing? 

Imagine yourself at your wedding. Are you dancing barefoot with the family or gently swaying with your partner? Your hairstyle should always be functional – choose something that allows you to have fun without constantly fixing your hair.

What type of neckline does your dress have?

Your hair frames your face, neck, and shoulders, and each hairstyle looks different depending on your dress. Updos give high or intricate necklines the spotlight, while loose or half-up styles draw attention to simple, strapless gowns.

How To Choose a Bridal Makeup Look 

Ask yourself these four questions to help you choose a makeup look for your wedding:

What time of day is your wedding?

More importantly, what time of day is your wedding photoshoot? The lighting will affect how your makeup looks in photos, especially if you’re taking pictures outside. Bolder looks tend to stand out better in dim light!

What’s your usual approach to makeup?

You want to feel comfortable in your own skin on your wedding day. Find a look similar to something you would wear on any special occasion, then elevate it slightly to make it wedding-worthy.

Which flowers will be in your bouquet?

Your flowers will be near your face – so you can use them as inspiration for a makeup look. Choose colours complementing your florals, then extend that ideology to your bridesmaids’ dresses and decor.

How do you want to feel when you look in the mirror?

You can’t say “beautiful”. Think of three other words you would use to describe yourself on the day, for example, glowing, sexy, or romantic. These words can help your makeup artist understand what you want and suggest your best makeup style.  

Find a Wedding Makeup Artist That Comes To You

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