Soft Glam vs. Full Glam – Which Suits Your Style?

Most brides I meet swear by a natural look and want to feel like themselves, only better. A picture-perfect, glowing complexion and subtle eye makeup that highlights their natural features. Bridal soft glam, as we like to call it, is all about creating a natural, elegant look that enhances the bride’s features without looking overdone. It typically involves using lighter, more muted shades of eyeshadow and opting for a more natural-looking foundation and concealer. Less is more.The goal is to get that flawless complexion with just the right amount of coverage to even out the skin tone, without looking heavy or cakey. For the eyes, soft glam often involves using neutral shades like browns, taupes, and light pinks to enhance the eyes, nothing too dramatic. False lashes may be used for added length and volume, yes, but they are usually more natural-looking and wispy compared to the bold, dramatic lashes seen in full glam looks.Full glam, on the other hand, involves using bolder, brighter colours and often includes dramatic winged eyeliner and bold, voluminous false lashes. Foundation and concealer are used to create a flawless, airbrushed look with full coverage. Contouring is also a key component of full glam makeup, as it helps to sculpt the face and add definition.The Difference Between Soft And Full Glam MakeupThe main differences between soft and full glam makeup are the level of intensity, the application techniques used, and the overall finished look.With soft glam, blending is key. The colours used are seamlessly blended for a soft and effortless look. This technique creates a more natural appearance by diffusing harsh lines and creating a subtle gradient effect. Soft glam makeup also tends to focus more on enhancing one’s natural features rather than completely transforming them.Full glam makeup requires more precision and boldness in application. The goal is to create high-impact looks with vibrant colours and dramatic features. This style of makeup often involves using a heavier hand when it comes to blending and defining the eyes, cheeks, and lips. This is achieved through the use of darker, more pigmented eyeshadows and bolder eyeliner. Falsies are also a staple in full glam makeup, more dramatic and voluminous than those used in soft glam looks.Which One is Right for You?Both styles have their time and place, depending on the occasion and personal preference. Hence, the answer lies in understanding your personal style and preferences, as well as the overall theme and atmosphere of your wedding. If you’re someone who prefers a more natural and subtle look, and you’re more confident with minimal makeup, then soft glam is the way to go. Otherwise, if you love experimenting with bolder looks and aren’t afraid to make a statement, then full glam makeup may be the perfect fit for your big day.Let’s get you glammed up for your special day!Serving brides all over Southwest Sydney, from Wollondilly,  Wingecarribee, Camden, and beyond, Liliano Artistry caters to both soft glam and full Glam makeup styles for brides and bridal parties. Our principal makeup artist, Sara, boasts years of experience in the industry and is known for publishing her works in various international and Australian magazines. For a comprehensive look at her bridal makeup portfolio, be sure to check out our website.

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