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Mobile Hair and Makeup Artist Shares Why Hair and Makeup Trials Matter

Getting your hair and makeup done is a big part of your wedding day. The right makeup and hair accessories can bring out your dress, show off your personality, and help reinforce your wedding theme. As a mobile hair and makeup artist, brides often ask whether they really need beauty trials before the wedding. 

The simple answer is yes – hair and makeup trials can save you time and stress and are definitely worth the investment.

4 Reasons Why Hair and Makeup Trials are a Must for Your Wedding

Visualise your wedding look

Practising your bridal hair and makeup before the wedding gives you a better idea of how it will look on the big day. Trials are a time to play with different styles in a stress-free space, which can help you find something you really love. Plus, during a trial, you get professional advice for your hair and skin type, helping you choose a look that brings out your best features.  

Put your hairspray to the test

When you consider getting ready, photoshoots, and the ceremony and reception, weddings can take a long time. A trial is the best way to determine how long your makeup lasts after application and whether your hairdo holds up against the elements. We suggest booking your beauty trial in the morning and having a full day afterwards to put your look to the test.

Get to know your glam team

You will spend a while with your hairstylist and makeup artist, so you must feel comfortable around them! A bridal trial is perfect for getting to know your glam team and ensuring their energy matches yours. Knowing who will be doing your wedding hair and makeup before the time can make you feel more comfortable on the day.

Ease your nerves 

Almost everyone feels nervous before walking down the aisle, so doing anything to calm the butterflies will help. A hair and makeup trial before your wedding gives you confidence in your bridal look. You should also enjoy the getting-ready process. After your trial, the stylists will know exactly how to work with your hair texture and skin type, making your beauty regime a breeze on the big day.

How To Get the Most Out of a Hair and Makeup Trial

Hair and makeup trials are working sessions where you can experiment, ask questions, and play with colour and style. Here are some tips for getting the most value out of a bridal beauty trial:

  • Wash your hair the night before, and don’t put any products in it.
  • Bring your wedding veil and earrings to the trial.
  • Wear white or a colour that matches your dress.
  • Do a tan before the trial if you plan to do one for the wedding.

Are you looking for a mobile hair and makeup artist in and around Wollondilly? Check out our professional portfolio or contact Liliano Artistry to book a trial today.

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