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Embrace Autumn With These Trending Makeup Colours — Professional Makeup Artist Advice

Keep your makeup style looking fresh by changing its style with the seasons. Part of staying ahead in our industry is by remaining conversant in current practices where we can bring you what makeup is trending this autumn. Besides keeping our finger on the pulse, our professional makeup artist also uses quality products and offers professional service so that you’ll return to us in the future for more of your makeup needs. 

Enjoy the Experience as We Keep You Up to Date With the Latest in Makeup

Here are some of the ways we’re helping you stay à la mode:

  • Monochromatic shimmer. Sparkle is in this autumn, and you can achieve a monochromatic look by applying the same color to highlight your cheek and brow bones to create a harmonious glow. For example, you can add more shimmer to your lips and eyes with a glitter eye shadow. 
  • Multidimensional eye: You can create this look by sculpting the eye with soft colours that blend into each other to give the illusion of depth. Pairing this natural approach with an over-the-top liner, black or colored, is another autumn trend.
  • 2D Makeup. Although 3D makeup was in trend for a while, 2D-inspired autumn looks are in fashion this season. 2D Requires contrasting matte with high shine, such as a glossy lip.
  • Colour me beautiful. What’s also in vogue this makeup season is adding another pop of colour to your look, including brown, to the middle of your eyelid or the inner corner of your eye. You can also add it to your lip and pair shades such as bronze that suit all skin tones to add depth to your makeup.

Special Event Makeup

Enjoy the flexibility of our mobile service where, besides keeping your makeup style current, you can also look forward to the following:  

  • Bridal. If you’re having an autumn wedding, some of your makeup options, depending on the theme, are nude and gold tones for a rustic-inspired wedding or for a more dramatic event, rich and deep colours such as shimmery gold lids, paired with bold black liner. Another autumn trend is smoky eyes and bold lips using colours such as purple and red.
  • Body painting. Whether you’re having an engagement or pregnancy photoshoot during autumn, you won’t have to put much effort into creating a backdrop with the colour palette that this season offers. Why not celebrate your natural surroundings by, for example, painting your growing belly in autumn tones? We can do this for you by applying bronze outlines, blending yellows, different shades of oranges, and reds, and creating leaf veins with black liner and shade with black eye shadow to capture a celebration of nature and your pregnancy.
  • Special effects. Our passion for makeup led us to participate in beauty expos where we showcase our talent in creating visionary characters, and beauty themes such as ‘Instagram killed the Avant guarde star.’

Experience Internationally Recognised Makeup Talent

Not only has our professional makeup artist been internationally published, but she was a finalist in the 2020 Makeup Artist Guild Asia Pacific for both ‘Creative Makeup Artist of the year’ and ‘Beauty Makeup Artist of the year.’

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