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Makeup Tips for 2023 Brides & Bridesmaids

Whether you want to go full glam or keep it natural for your big day, your bridal makeup should make you look and feel your best. You’ll be wearing it for a long time, from the pre-wedding photoshoot to the first dance and beyond, so you must choose a long-lasting look you love. Here are five tips for choosing a makeup style for your bridal party, whether creating it yourself or hiring a mobile bridal makeup artist. 

Honour Your Wedding Theme

Try to summarise your wedding in a few words – now use these as prompts to help you find a style that will complement your venue, decor, and dress code. Beachy or boho brides often enjoy minimal makeup looks, while smokey eyes and full glam styles fit right in at black-tie weddings. If your bridesmaids are wearing neutral dresses, you can choose an accent colour from their bouquets to liven up their looks.

Consider the Season

Wearing a lighter foundation and fewer layers on your face can be a blessing for a warm summer wedding, while dewy looks with lots of highlighter can liven up dry winter skin. The natural lighting differs by season, which influences how your makeup photographs. Bright summer sunshine often washes out your makeup outdoors, so a little darker on the eyes and lips will give them more definition. 

Bridesmaid Looks Should be Sisters, not Twins

While giving your bridesmaids the same dress and hairstyle might create more symmetry and balance in your photos, this approach doesn’t always work for makeup. People have diverse skin tones and facial features, and what looks stunning on one bridesmaid might look terrible on another. Try to be flexible with your bridesmaids’ makeup – let them choose variations of the same style to suit individual eye shapes, preferences, and complexions.

Focus on One Feature of Your Face

You might love a bright lip, a smokey eye, dramatic brows, and sharp contouring, but wearing them all together can create visual confusion. While most makeup artists will handle this part for you, if you’re doing your own makeup, you must remember to create balance. Neutral eyeshadow gives bright lips a chance to shine, while nude lips often complement a dark smokey eye.  

Comfort = Confidence

You’re going to get lots of attention on your wedding day, so it’s important that you feel comfortable and confident in your skin. Choosing an elevated version of your everyday makeup look or wearing your favourite lip shade can help you feel more like yourself in those surreal wedding moments. No matter what style you choose, always opt for waterproof mascara!

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