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Start Planning Your Formal Look Now!

A formal makeup artist can bring your ideas to life with expert techniques and high-quality products to keep you feeling glamorous all night long. Makeup adds the finishing touches to your outfit and is a must for a business, university, or school formal. The evening lighting works with almost any look, allowing you to try bold colours and sparkly products that shine on the dance floor.

5 Makeup Ideas for Formal Events

1. Elevated Clean-Girl Makeup

Just because it’s minimal doesn’t mean clean-girl makeup can’t work for formal occasions. You can elevate the no-makeup-make-up look by using a light coverage foundation and lots of highlighter to make your skin extra dewy and fresh. Enhance your eyelids with a soft smokey eye in shades of nude and matte beige to add delicate definition. Wearing feathery false lashes with this look makes it appear more formal while maintaining its understated feel. 

2. Vintage Glam

Sleek silk dresses in shades of gold and silver go best with full-glam makeup that plays up your eyes and lips. Harness an old Hollywood aesthetic with a rich red lip colour, full brows, flawless matte foundation, and sharp winged liner. This bold look pairs well with a classic smokey eye in silver or bronze, depending on your skin tone. Go for full false lashes to add extra drama to the look!

3. Bold Brights

Brightly coloured eye makeup is taking social media by storm, so why not incorporate it into a formal look? Go for a full-coverage foundation with glam brows and contouring to create a polished feel that balances the fun nature of the bright eyeshadow. Choose one or two colours in various shades and finishes to keep the formal feel, and don’t be afraid of solid pigments! This look is about being bold and works best with jewel tones and deep colours.

4. Add Glitter

If you’re celebrating a milestone with a formal dance, make things more festive by wearing some glitter! It will catch the light and give your look a glamorous touch, bringing out the sparkle in your eyes. If you like a little shimmer without being too bold, add white highlighter to your cheekbones and inner eyes. If you want to go all out, try a glitter lip in ruby red paired with matte neutral eyeshadow. 

5. Monochromatic Moment

Are you obsessed with the colour of your dress? Use it in your makeup look! Monochromatic makeup can be captivating and elegant – perfect for any formal event. This look works best with colours that contrast with your skin tone, and you can often choose shades of the same hue on your eyes, lips, and cheeks. Keep the eyeshadow application simple to draw people’s attention to the colour rather than the technique.

Let a Mobile Makeup Artist Come To You

Liliano Artistry is a mobile makeup studio based in Wollondilly with an award-winning portfolio in bridal and formal makeup. Our artist, Sara, has experience in diverse makeup applications and would love to bring your ideas to life – contact us for more information.

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