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5 Tips for a Smooth Wedding Day Schedule From a Mobile Bridal Makeup Artist

“It flew by so quickly,” said almost every married couple about their wedding day. Between makeover montages, family photographs, and tossing the bouquet, little details often get forgotten among the big moments. That’s why sticking to a schedule on your wedding day is so important! 

As a mobile bridal makeup artist, I’ve seen how being short on time can cause unnecessary stress. Here are four wedding day scheduling tips to keep everything running smoothly:

1. Allocate Enough Time to Get Ready

Bridal hair and makeup often take longer than you think. I suggest allocating at least three hours to get ready before the ceremony, but the earlier you start, the better. Most bridal makeup artists need at least 45 minutes for hair and 45 minutes for makeup for each bridesmaid. The bride should get the most time in the glam seat, so allocating an extra 30 minutes for yourself can’t hurt!

Don’t forget to factor in a lunch or breakfast break for your leading ladies and enough time to snap some getting-ready shots.

2. Keep Speeches Short and Sweet

Wedding guests can get bored listening to long speeches, and just one person going over time can delay your dinner, first dance, and everything else. Wondering who should give speeches at your wedding? The best man, maid of honour, and parents of the couple are more than enough. Give each wedding speaker a five-minute time limit to make sure your reception runs smoothly. You can also try staggering speeches between meals to keep guests engaged.

3. Get the Bridesmaids and Groomsmen Dressed First

Makeup artists usually do the bride’s hair and makeup last so the rest of the bridal party can appear in the background of the getting-ready photos. If you’re worried about time, allocate double the time for the bride’s glam session in case of delays in getting your bridesmaids ready. 

Always add a 30-minute block for pre-ceremony photos with the bridal party to ensure you get all the shots you need! If you only have one photographer, consider shooting with the groomsmen first to give the bridesmaids extra time to get ready.

4. Share Your Timeline and Plan for Delays

Give all your vendors a copy of your wedding schedule to ensure everyone is on the same page. Your bridal party should also be in the loop to help keep people on track and answer guests’ questions about timing. Always plan for late arrivals by assigning ushers and waiting 10 – 15 minutes after your official start time to kick off the ceremony.  

5. Hire a Mobile Bridal Makeup Artist to Keep Your Wedding on Schedule

Weddings can be logistic challenges when you’re saying “I do” in a remote location or you are getting ready at a different venue to the ceremony. Working with a mobile bridal makeup artist can help prevent delays by bringing the glam team to you. Chat with the Liliano Artistry team for more information.

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