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Go All Out on Your Big Day With Full Glam Bridal Makeup

If your makeup drawer is overflowing and you love experimenting with new looks on the weekends, full glam bridal makeup could be the perfect choice for your wedding. While some brides like to keep it neutral and low-key, you’re all about colour, shine, and full-coverage foundation. It’s your wedding day, and the spotlight will be on you!

What is Full Glam Bridal Makeup?

Full glam bridal makeup is a bold, eye-catching style that uses full coverage foundation and pigmented products to make you look red-carpet-ready. It’s often shimmery, glossy, and brightly coloured. However, it’s still bridal makeup, so it has to look as flawless in person as it does on camera.

What you’ll find in full glam wedding makeup:

  • Bold lip colours 

Try deep hues in a crisp, matte finish for a perfect pout. Classic red lipstick creates a vintage glam wedding look, while orange, brown, mauve, or hot pink are ideal for more contemporary styles.

  • Dramatic eyeshadow looks 

To make your bridal makeup more glam, find a multi-layered eyeshadow look that incorporates shimmery products and dark hues. Try a glitter cut crease that catches the light and sparkles in your wedding colours to go even bolder.

  • Winged or graphic eyeliner 

Many full-glam bridal makeup looks feature sharp black eyeliner that draws attention to the eyes. If you’re after something more unique, try coloured liner that matches your lipstick or wedding dress, or go for a graphic look that gives your eyelids more definition. White eyeliner is another popular choice for glam brides.

  • False lashes 

You can’t go glam without false lashes. Think sultry, voluminous eyelashes that add drama to your eyeshadow and complement the shape of your winged eyeliner. Don’t forget about your lower lash line! Bottom eyelash extensions add the finishing touches to any full-glam wedding look.

  • Strong contouring 

Contouring your face on your wedding day will accentuate your features and make them pop in person and in photos. The ultimate full glam bridal makeup look uses contour, highlight, bronzer, and blush to carve out your eyebrows, cheekbones, and jawline for a flawless, glowing complexion.

Full Glam vs Soft Glam Bridal Makeup

Bridal makeup differs from everyday or event makeup in that it involves much more preparation and care to make it last much longer. 

Unlike full glam bridal makeup, soft glam makeup is more blended, avoiding harsh contouring, sharp eyeliner, or stark colour contrasts. It’s also generally more monochromatic − using multiple shades of the same colour with light shimmer here and there.

No matter which bridal makeup style you choose, a good makeup artist will carefully colour-match each product to ensure it looks beautiful in person and on camera. 

Book a Mobile Bridal Makeup Artist

Liliano Artistry is a master of full glam bridal makeup in Wollondilly, Wollongong, and surrounds. View our bridal portfolio for inspiration, or get in touch with me to book a wedding makeup trial.

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