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Wedding Makeup Tips to Enhance Your Photos 

Your wedding day is one of the most photographed days of your life, so flawless makeup that looks good in front of the lens is a must. Wedding makeup has to photograph well and look beautiful in person, treading the fine line between being washed out on camera and cakey in real life. 

Thankfully, most professional makeup artists and wedding photographers understand what’s at stake. Here are five tips for making your wedding makeup look perfect on camera:

1. Avoid Shimmer and Shine on the Skin

Although dewy, glowing skin is in, you might want to skip it on your wedding day. A radiant look doesn’t always translate well in photographs, which might give you an oily overtone instead of a light shimmer. Avoid luminescent makeup products and use highlighter sparingly to avoid unwanted shine. Cream products are typically better than liquid formulations and oil-based serums, and you can always carry a few blotting sheets to keep shine at bay on the day.  

2. Go Bolder on the Eyes and Lips

More is more when it comes to bridal makeup. While we don’t suggest caking on ten layers of foundation, you want your eyes and lips to pop in your wedding photos. Bright light can wash out your features, especially on camera, so a slightly darker shade of your chosen colour is always a safe option. Make sure you carry a mini makeup bag for touch-ups on the go!

3. Stay Away From SPF

Sunscreen is important, but not on your wedding day. Foundations with SPF typically contain zinc, which catches the light and can make your face look whiter than your body when exposed to a camera flash. While most wedding photographers won’t use a flash, staying away from products with an SPF of 15 or higher means that your skin will look natural in wedding day selfies.

4. Prime and Prep Your Skin

A strong foundation for your wedding makeup will help it last longer and look better on camera. Make sure you drink enough water and keep your face moisturised in the week leading up to the wedding, avoiding chemical peels and other harsh exfoliants. You can use an SPF-free skin primer to prevent oil from seeping through your foundation throughout the day.

5. Use Translucent Setting Powder

Setting your makeup is as important as priming your skin, so don’t skip the setting spray and powder. Translucent powder will keep your foundation in place and prevent shine without erasing your contour, highlight, and blush. Remember to choose a lightweight powder that won’t cake on your skin after multiple applications. 

Get Your Bridal Makeup Done Professionally

Making your wedding makeup look good on camera takes practice, technique, and high-quality products. Working with a professional makeup artist leaves no room for mistakes. Choose Liliano Artistry mobile makeup studio for a professional bridal look that will make you feel confident and photo-ready on your special day.

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